#7 Citi Platinum Select Visa Card

Citi is one of the largest financial institutions in the United States. What sets Citi apart from the rest is its longstanding dedication to quality and efficiency. Citi has been around for over two hundred years now, making it one of the most established banks in the United States. Today, Citi issues a number of credit cards. Many of these credit cards have been created specifically for students. One such card is the Citi Platinum Select Visa Card.

Key Benefit

One of the key benefits of the Platinum Select Visa Card for college students is the fact that the customer is not liable for any fraudulent purchases made on the card. If the card does happen to get stolen, customers do not have to worry about paying back thousands of dollars.

Another key benefit is that this credit card does not require a co signer. Many credit cards for college students require a co signer because of the student’s limited credit history. It is always best to find cards that do not require a co signer so that individual credit history can be established.

Additional Features

With no annual fees and the customer’s picture embedded on the front of the card, the Citi Platinum Select Visa is packed with additional features.

Help and support

Citigroup has always been known for its exceptional help and support, so it’s no surprise that this credit card boasts twenty four hour live help. Customers can also find helpful information on the company’s website.


All in all, the Citi Platinum Select Visa Card for College Students is a wonderful starter card. One of the main advantages of having a card with Citi is all the power this bank holds. Having a card with one of the most established banks in the United States helps make sure your card is safe and secure.

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