#8 PASS Card from American Express

American Express is one of the premier charge card issuers, known for providing outstanding customer service. Recently, American Express has ventured into the prepaid market. One of the prepaid cards American Express issues is called PASS. The PASS card from American Express is exclusively for teenagers.

Key benefit

The key benefit of the PASS is your teenager only being able to spend what you put on the card. Unlike a debit or credit card, you can’t go over a limit or make the account go negative. Parents love the PASS card because it is so easy to fund. You can link your checking or savings account to the card and choose how often and how much money to put on the card. You can also fund the card by phone and with cash.

Additional features

One additional feature worth noting is being able to track your child’s transactions. You will be able to see when and where your child spent the money. For most parents, this is a very useful tool.

Help and support

Out of all credit card issuers, American Express probably handles customer service the best. American Express is known for dealing with customers’ concerns in a professional and timely manner. Even though the PASS card is not a regular charge card, you still get the same level of support. No matter what your question is, you will be able to easily get a hold of a representative.


As far as prepaid cards go, the PASS card from American Express is one of the best. Parents love the PASS card because it is so easy to load money on. Being able to see where and when you child spends money is also very helpful. With American Express’ extraordinary customer service, this card is a good deal in the prepaid market.

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