#6 Student Upside Visa Prepaid Card

For students that do not want to have a credit card, a prepaid card is a very viable option. One prominent issuer of a prepaid debit card is Metabank. Metabank has been issuing the student upside visa prepaid card for some time now and it has been getting wonderful reviews.

Key benefit

The key benefit of the student upside visa prepaid card is the ability for it to draw funds directly from a checking or savings account. This is the perfect card for a student that receives monthly income from relatives or parents. Instead of the relatives or parents having to write a check every month, the funds can be directly deposited onto the upside visa prepaid card. This makes it easy for the student to use the funds and withdraw from an atm.

Additional features

An additional feature of the student upside visa prepaid card is the free membership option. If you do not know how well the upside card will fit your needs, there is a membership option that does not charge a monthly maintenance fees. Even though you will not be able to access funds through an atm, it is a good way to test out the card. Also, no matter what membership plan you have you can cancel the card at any time.

Help and support

Since the student upside visa prepaid card is not issued through a large bank, help and support isn’t as easy to come by. While you can still get good customer service if you have an upside card, you might have to wait longer to get in touch with a representative.


Overall, the student upside visa prepaid card is one of the best prepaid visa cards currently on the market. All the features of this card makes it a winner.

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