#9 Wells Fargo College Visa Card

Wells Fargo is one of the largest financial institutions in the United States. While Wells Fargo started out its business issuing bank accounts, it has been in the credit card business for a while now. One of the credit cards backed by Wells Fargo is its college visa card.

Key Benefit

The key benefit of the Wells Fargo college visa card is that there is no annual fee. For students, it is always important to keep fees to a minimum and Wells Fargo delivers. In addition to having no annual fee, this credit card also allows customers to decide when the monthly payment due date. This is very convenient for many people, especially if they get paid only once a month.

Additional Features

For credit card holders that also have a checking account with Wells Fargo, there is an option to link the credit card to the checking account. Once the credit card has been linked to the checking account, it can provide overdraft protect. So if a check were to overdraw the checking account, the funds would be taken from the credit card. This is beneficial because it can help prevent overdraft fees from being charged.

Help and support

Excellent help and support can be found for all Wells Fargo college visa card holders. Customers will be able to speak to a live representative in a short amount of time.


All in all, the Wells Fargo college visa card is a dependable, straightforward card that helps young people build up their credit. Even though there is no cash back feature on this card, the low fees make up for it. Plus, the convenience of being able to use the card as overdraft protection for a Wells Fargo checking account is too good for many people to pass up.

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